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Where to do eyelash extensions in Cracow – the answer is simple: Tomasz SPA in Cracow city center.
Cracow gives a full range of many different opportunities where to do eyelash extensions – but we will
do it the best. Eyelash extensions is definitely an art. If you want to enjoy the beautiful effect for a
minimum 3 weeks, you need to trust the specialists in this field. Eyelash extensions require precision
and patience as well as knowledge of “tricks” that determine the perfect, long lasting effect. Fake
eyelashes are great for women which natural eyelashes are short or weak. To improve good-looking
and thickness effect choice between natural or synthetic lashes.
During the treatment eyelashes therapist attach artificial eyelashes to each natural eyelash. Working
this way is possible to achieve the effect of thickening and lengthening eyelashes.
Your eyelashes are long and strong so you are not interested in eyelash extensions? What’s condition
of your eyebrows? Eyebrows makes the frame of the eye. Wrong shaping and coloring can gives
caricatured look of the face. But it doesn’t mean that eyebrows should left to themselves! Systematic
eyebrow shaping and colloring is necessary. To give the right shape of the eyebrows and color it is
best to do it in Tomasza SPA in Krakow city center.
Eyebrow shaping is a quick procedure that can completely change the face expression and
appearance of the eye.
Where is the best way to shape eyebrows? – only in Tomasza SPA. We will not only shape the
eyebrow but we will also give eyebrows the right color to match shape to your face contour. Eyebrow
regulation in the city center in Cracow old town – guaranty good price and professional effect. Check
our price list. Come and book a visit!
Eyebrows tinting (PLN 20), eyebrows shaping (PLN 15), eyelash tinting (PLN 30), eyebrows tinting
and eyelashes with shaping (PLN 50), eyelash extensions (from PLN 250 to PLN 350).

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Price: 25zł

Price: 15zł

Safe and painless ear piercing. The price includes hypoallergenic earrings made of surgical steel.

Price: 80zł