Wax depilation in Cracow, depilation with sugar paste in Cracow, depilation with wax in
Depilation in Cracow city center – only in Tomasza SPA.
Wax depilation is one of the most effective methods of removing unwanted hairs out from the
body to enjoy smooth and silky skin. Waxing is more effective than other methods because it
removes all hair with the follicle. It is the reason why hair after waxing grows back weaker
and delicate. Other non-invasive hair removal methods cut the hair leaving its edge sharp.
Warm wax removes even the shortest hair, leaving the skin perfectly smooth for 3 to 5
weeks. Regular waxing will make the hair grow back much more rarely and thinner. Tomasza
SPA in Cracow old town offers attractive prices: upper lip / beard (PLN 25), hands / calves /
thighs / belly (PLN 60), armpits (PLN 45), back (PLN 60), full legs (PLN 90), bikini line (PLN
30), Brazilian bikini ( PLN 90), french bikini (PLN 90)
Depilation with sugar paste
Hair removal with sugar paste is a method known in Europe for a relatively recent period
time. The sugar paste at first was used in Arab countries, but now sugar paste hair removing
spread around the world. Sugar paste is not only melted sugar, it is also a supplement of
soothing herbs or other plant extracts to leave the skin without any irritation. This method of
depilation leave the skin perfectly smooth body up to 3 weeks. It is an irreplaceable solution
for delicate and soft skin, and persons with allergy for wax ingredients, or guest where wax is
a contraindication. Hair removal with sugar paste is suitable for people with varicose veins, or
with weak blood vessels. Tomasza SPA in Cracow offers attractive prices: upper lip / beard
(PLN 35), hands / calves / thighs / belly (PLN 70), armpits (PLN 50), back (PLN 80), full legs
(PLN 140), bikini line (PLN 40), Brazilian bikini ( PLN 90), french bikini (PLN 110). Call and
book time for an appointment: 503694772

tomasza spa

  • Upper lip / beard – 25zł
  • Calves / thighs – 70zł/80zł
  • Arms / belly – 60zł
  • Armpits – 45zł
  • Back – 80zł
  • Full legs – 120zł
  • Bikini – 50zł
  • Brasilian bikini – 90zł
  • French bikini – 90zł
  • Buttocks – 60zł
  • Upper lip / beard – 35zł
  • Calves / thighs – 100zł/110zł
  • Arms / belly – 80zł
  • Armpits – 55zł
  • Back – 120zł
  • Full legs – 190zł
  • Bikini – 60zł
  • Brasilian bikini – 110zł
  • French bikini – 110zł
  • Buttocks – 80zł